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Sign up and get your FREE online shop selling custom canvases, customizable and 100% automated. 15 different templates to choose from and customise.

You will be able to sell personalised canvases as if you were making them and where the customer is the one who selects the size (from 30x30cm to 2 meters) and sends the image they want: their children, their wedding, their family, a landscape, their pet, etc.

You only have to take care of bringing traffic to your website. And when you sell, we print and ship on your behalf to the end customer.

The perfect product that will make you money without risk, without fixed costs and under your own brand. Returns in excess of 300%.

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How does it work?

Your online shop


Our system generates your own online shop for the sale of personalised cotton canvases.

You will be able to configure texts, logos, prices, promotions, images, etc. Even under your own domain.

You only have to send traffic to get conversions (sales).

We print

Automated management

When an order comes in through your website, our system automatically starts to prepare it.

We print and ship under your own brand name to the end customer.

In 24/48h the order will be printed and ready to be shipped.

Personalised Printing

Multiple Sizes

Automated Shop

Ecommerce Europe

And We Ship


Your customer receives the order, you receive the sale amount and we receive our commission. A win-win process for all 3 parties.

We will ship by DHL and/or GLS to almost every country in Europe, with delivery in 3-7 days and online tracking.

We ship without a label or invoice and in short packaging customisable with your shop.

Your own brand

Top selling product

Shipping to Europe

Online Tracking

The best dropshipping product

System valid for all reseller profiles, no need for technical knowledge, no stock, no initial investment, with a great product and great margin and also fast and geolocalised deliveries.

Manufacture made in Spain, punctual delivery, allowed to sell through all channels (mailing, direct sales, paid traffic, etc.).

And finally, with a product for the whole year and public: for birthdays, weddings, births, Christmas, Mother's/Father's Day, to decorate premises, offices, couple's anniversaries, BlackFriday, etc.

Without investment

automated system

No monthly payments

Producto made in Europe

Step by step tutorials

Set up your shop in 5 minutes without costs or monthly fees. Start selling personalised cotton canvases all over Europe.

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Sizes & Prices

We present a price table of our canvases (more sizes will be available soon):

RRP Your Price
±49€ 12€
±59€ 15€
±69€ 13€
±69€ 17€
±78€ 13€
±85€ 16€
±85€ 17€
±95€ 21€
±99€ 20€
±120€ 25€
±159€ 32€
±159€ 24€
±189€ 35€
Courier rates countries


Cost Time
3-6€ ±3d
3-6€ ±3d
6-9€ ±4d
6-9€ ±4d
7-10€ ±5d
7-10€ ±5d
7-10€ ±7d
7-10€ ±8d
7-10€ ±9d
7-10€ ±9d
9-12€ ±10d
9-12€ ±5d
9-12€ ±10d
10-13€ ±10d
10-13€ ±12d
10-13€ ±12d
With your own domain!

You can have your dropshipping shop under your own domain for only 10€/year. Your dropshipping shop with your own exclusive domain (.es, .com, .org, .net). And in this way enjoy:

  • Exclusive templates for your shop

  • FB/Google ads you can invest in advertising

  • Professional email with your own domain.

1Ί- Sign up

We need your details to get started. Just your name, address, phone, email and little else.

2Ί- Configure your shop

You can configure as you like titles, logos, prices, promotions, texts, images, etc.

Steps to follow

3Ί- Start promoting your shop

In minutes you will have your shop ready. Now it's your turn to promote it as you want.

4Ί- We print and send

Every order you receive, we manage it (print and send on your behalf).

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