Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers we receive:

How does DropPrinting work?
It's very simple. We provide you with a FREE, automated shop for you to sell custom canvases. When you get a sale, we print and ship to your customer.

What kind of image do you print?
Your shop is a custom canvas shop. The customer is the one who uploads the image they want: their children, their family, a landscape, etc.

What do I have to do?
Register, set up your shop (1-3 minutes) and start sending traffic to your shop (social media, email marketing, Facebook/Google advertising, etc.).

Where do you ship to?
Almost all over Europe and we are improving our network all the time. We ship with Correos Express / DHL and the average delivery time is 3-15 days.

What sizes are available?
We have from 30x30cm to 140x140cm. We will be adding more sizes available and special canvases (diptychs, triptychs, etc.).

How do you invoice me?
The system will automatically issue you an invoice for each order you receive.

What are your prices?
Our canvas printing rates are the lowest prices on the internet, GUARANTEED. It is impossible to find a website with better prices than ours. We aim to offer our resellers the highest possible profit rates. And because we don't spend on advertising, we can offer these low rates.

And if I don't manage to sell?
You pay nothing. Our system does not have any costs or monthly fees. You don't have to pay anything. Although it is almost impossible not to sell.

Where do you ship from?
We have our printing centre in Madrid and we are in the process of 2 new locations in Europe.

Who can register?
Any person, professional or company. There is no limitation. It is designed so that you can sell canvases all over the world.

How much will I earn?
You set up your shop the way you want. You can decide to sell a lot at lower margins or sell less but with higher margins. You can even activate promotions, coupons, discounts, etc.

Who do I sell to?
Almost everyone. A canvas can be sold all year round and to the general public. As a Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift. As a detail to decorate a house, a nativity scene, etc. Special days such as Blackfriday or Mother's Day, etc.

Any other questions?
Contact us via email at